The seminar is the most creative and intimate speaking platform of the Summit. During this time, attendees will have 50 minutes to hear from and connect with speakers in a more intimate environment. Attendees can choose to go to two seminars from a selection of 10 different seminar topics.

The New Dad: Exploring Today's Father's and Their Role in Their Spouse's Success


Dr. Harrington and his team at the Boston College Center for Work & Family have been researching the changing role of fathers in the US for the past 9 years. Through their research they have developed a deep understanding of the challenges that working dads face today balancing work and family and the impact these challenges have on them, their spouses, and their workplaces. All women can benefit from this session by learning how men's roles and couples arrangements will impact women both at home and in the workplace.


Empower Your Idea: How to Refine, Visualize & Share a Goal With Purpose

WITH bree goodrow

Do you have a dream project, business idea or big goal but not sure what to do next? Breanna Goodrow, Creative Director at KICVentures, will take you step by step through a process to refine and visualizing your goal. Prior to developing healthcare technology creative for KICVentures, Breanna designed books at horticulture publisher Timber Press and hospitality brand proposals at Mark Zeff, a luxury architecture and design consultancy. Her professional experiences have one common thread: her ability to bring an idea to life through strategic visualization. In this session she’ll unpack her virtual toolbox, share examples and walk you through a workbook designed to teach you her process. You’ll take away a directory of resources, a workbook defining your goal, an understanding of why you want to share it with others and a visual outline of your presentation. This is practical workshop using free online resources accessible to all dreamers and no creative experience is required. Sure, you’ll learn simple ways to make pretty presentations but more importantly you’ll exercise your critical thinking muscles and practice sharing your goals with purpose.


It Isn’t Drugs, Magic, or Hypnosis—It’s Language: Reframing Your Daily Experience to Improve How You Feel About Your Personal and Professional Life

WITH Celeste wells 

If you regularly feel a gnawing dread or simmering guilt when thinking about working on your homework, resume, or internship applications, OR if you find yourself internally degrading your accomplishments, body image, or social skills, we should probably talk. This seminar will provide the opportunity to discuss one reason that you may feel straight-up miserable most days when, by all accounts, you actually have a good and opportunity-filled life. Perhaps even more importantly, this seminar will offer you way to begin to reduce those gross feelings just a little bit. To give you a hint, it isn’t drugs, magic, or hypnosis—it’s language. If you don’t buy it yet, that’s cool. Just come, listen, and talk and we will see what you think by the time we finish.


Introversion and Extroversion: The science behind personality types and teamwork.


Kim Slater leads Space Innovations at Draper developing satellite programs for Earth benefits like better storm prediction, disaster relief efforts and even animal poaching prevention. She brings her experience working on challenging, high pressure missions with engineers, scientists and astronauts to the BC Women’s Summit. With a focus on the science behind personality, she will explore how a deeper understanding of our colleagues, and ourselves, will make us a move valued contributor to any team.


The Power of Self-Determination: What It Is, What It Looks Like, and How to Claim It!

WITH Lovely hoffman

Lovely Hoffman is an artist, educator and community activist. She believes in the power of self-love and confidence as a means of living your most fulfilling life. In this seminar Lovely will share how her philosophy and belief in self-determination has helped her live a fulfilling and meaningful life. Additionally, participants will explore the meaning of self-determination and discuss what it looks like in 21st century America. Participants will also take an assessment to examine self-determination in their lives. Lastly, participants will examine the power and value of self-determination and brainstorm ways to claim it.


From Mission Impossible to Commission Possible: Transforming Language Into Life

WITH natana delong-bas

Dr. Natana J. DeLong-Bas is an inter-disciplinary feminist comparative theologian engaging the intersections of language, ethics, and lived experience. Her work analyzes developments in and connections between religious extremism, nonviolence, women and gender, the law, and environmental issues. An award-winning author and consultant to national and international corporations, governments, and the United Nations, she teaches comparative theology at Boston College. Her seminar will provide attendees with opportunities to explore the transformative power of language to change how we think about ourselves, the challenges we face, and turning dreams into objectives.


Redefining "Weird": The Art of Turning Limits into Thresholds

WITH patricia noonan

Patricia Noonan, award-winning actor, singer, and writer. Her workshop, Redefining "Weird": The Art of Turning Limits into Thresholds, will address a new, empowering way to look at the limits and labels others place on us and that we place on ourselves. Through the speaker's personal story, individual exercises, and group discussion, participants will discover and examine how authenticity, clarity, and specificity can free us to maximize our contributions and our voices' power.


Finding Your Path: Navigating the World with Authenticity and Passion

WITH rachel winard

Rachel Winard is the founder and president of Soapwalla, an award-winning luxury natural skincare brand. Prior to founding Soapwalla, Rachel was a concert violinist and a practicing attorney in NYC. She also has lupus, a chronic autoimmune illness. In Rachel's seminar, we will delve into the art of storytelling and how to engage with your audience, both personal and professional. We will also work on how to discover and stay true to your desires in an ever-changing world.


"I got smarter, I got harder in the nick of time": Developing personally and professional to succeed in a social justice career

WITH Shelagh o'donnell

Students will hear from Shelagh O'Donnell, a public defender in Manchester, NH about her career path. She will provide tips about how to develop personally and professionally to succeed in a career in social justice and/or the law. Participants will brainstorm ideas for career options as well as ways to avoid burnout.


Zigzagging Your Career Life: It's Almost Never Straight and Narrow

WITH su in park

Su In Park zig zagged her way in to engineering recruiting and talent management for the tech industry. She previously worked at Facebook and most recently at Dropbox before leaving to start consulting independently for start ups and mid-sized companies in NYC and the Bay Area. Her workshop, Zigzagging your career life: it's almost never straight and narrow, is designed to help navigate decisions in your career life, leaning in to your skills and gaps, and the importance of radical candor in the workplace.


Feminism in the 21st Century: How to Be a Modern-Day Warrior Woman

WITH wan sonya tang

Wan Sonya Tang, Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies and affiliate faculty of Women's and Gender Studies at Boston College will lead the workshop Feminism in the 21st Century: How to Be a Modern-Day Warrior Woman. In this workshop, participants will discuss the ongoing need for feminism, and work together to brainstorm individual and collective actions that we can take to further the cause of gender equality on campus, and at the local, state, and national levels.


The main stage conversation is a discussion-based format that weaves the stories of two prominent women. These stories seek to carry themselves on themes of women's empowerment, vocation and stories of resilience. Attendees can choose to go to one main stage conversation.

Feminist Friendship

WITH regine jean-charles and rhonda frederick

By examining how both Professor Jean-Charles and Professor Frederick have navigated feminist friendships to tackle unique challenges, this conversation will aim to address the difficulties of navigating the relationship between academia and the world, as well as balancing work and non-work lives. Additionally, this conversation will explore how the culture of anti-blackness impacts the choices women make. 


Finding Faith in the Busy: Reflections From Two BC Alumnae

WITH karen kiefer and mary rather

This conversation will aim to explore how one can find faith along the journey at and after Boston College, and how to maintain meaningful connections post graduation. Karen and Mary, roommates at BC nearly 35 years ago, will reflect upon how they have continued to find meaning and purpose throughout their busy lives.


Being the First

WITH kathleen mcgillycuddy and Akosua Opokua-Achampong

This conversation will aim to examine the joys and challenges that women face as they pursue leadership positions throughout their lives. Kathleen McGillycuddy made history by becoming the first woman to chair the Boston College Board of Trustees in 2011. She will be interviewed by our very own UGBC President, Akosua Opokua-Achampong, who also made history when she and the Executive Vice President, Tt King, made history last semester as the first female duo to be elected to these positions at Boston College. McGillycuddy and Opokua-Achampong will be moderated by Boston College Women’s Center Assistant Director, Rachel DiBella.